Confine and CitizenSqKm

Last February, Confine and CitizenSqKm where invited to participate at a CAPS Infoday,  organised by IGOPnet to provide participants with  an overview of the upcoming Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation CAPS Call under Horizon 2020. Here is Leandro Navarro’s and Monica Garriga’s contributions to the panel discussions as an introduction to the CAPS2015 event.

Citizensqkm is an educational Social Augmented Reality experience and an experimentally-driven research on community-owned open local IP networks (the Community-Lab) located in a selected square kilometre Its main aim is to benefit the neighbourhood by engaging a community network, made up of students, local administrations and local entities, in the development of their own community using geolocation technologies, based on a commons based computer network (

The local community network, with its headquarters at a Secondary School  (Institut d’Ensenyament Secundari)will actively participate through pedagogical and ludic (play) experiences, (initially promoted by the project researchers)in the discovery and improvement of the neighbourhoodby collecting and classifying data related to it, creating geolocated layers of relevant information, itineraries and treasure hunts.

The square kilometre that surrounds us in the place where we live, is an excellent learning environment and it contains all ingredients a local community network may need. Participants will conduct a census of the land, its inhabitants, its infrastructures, its services, its history and its nature and they will also take full advantage of open data coming from public administrations and sensors. This process of ‘civic reappropriation of data’ will engage citizens and local administrations in the development of their own community.

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