Protocol Environmental Data – Les Acàcies School (ENG)

Author: Scientists at CITI-SENSE Project in CREAL (Centre for research in environmental epidemiology)
Les Acàcies school had designed an activity to be developed with the 5th grade scholars. Meeting between teachers: Montse, Raquel, Olga, Isabel + Mónica Garriga from CitizenSqKm project and Tania Martinez from CITI-SENSE project.
The idea is to follow a planned route, walking through different environments and characterize some points: geolocation, measuring noise, pollutants, temperature, relative humidity (HR), traffic counts and photos. The kids will take note in a table all this data during the route and then in will insert the data into their CitizenSqKm account.

The CITI-SENSE team will provide the collected data in a friendly format in the next few days.
• Date: 11/12/2014 • Hour 9:00 to 12:00
• 4 groups of 12 scholars
• 1 teacher per group
• 1 sonometer per group: to measure noise levels
• 1 smartphone* per group: to measure phisycal activitie and geolocation
• 1 Personal Sensor Pollution* (PSP)per group: to measure CO, NO2, O3, temperature, HR
• Teacher smartphones: to measure the time and record the audio.
• One person from CITI-SENSE and other from CitizenSQKm will assist the teachers *devices provided by the CITI-SENSE team MEASUREMENTS AT THE POINTS during 6 minutes:
• Geolocation
• Photos
• 3 noise measures
• Air quality info: CO, NO2, O3, temperature, humidity
• Traffic counts
• Ambient audio records


SMARTPHONE INSTRUCTIONS: To simplify the process, the CITI-SENSE technician will collocate the smartphones ready to use into a spybelt. The PSP will be placed close to the smartphone at the same spybelt. This belt will be placed at the scholar waist during the route. To check the air pollution data and the meteorological data:

• Open the CitiSensePSP app, you will see the next screen

• To unlock, press the blue UNLOCK button and introduce the password: 31415

• The info is shown this way

• After the info is noted, the smartphone should be blocked and placed again into the spybelt.

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